The mission of the project „National strategy for space and related fields” is to increase the competitiveness of research, industrial and academic entities for participation in the European space activities through a competitive strategy of excellence able to define the directions and development objectives on the medium and long term that may decisively cause the participation of Romanian entities in activities and applications in the mandatory and optional programs, including prequalification activities and adaptation to the ESA requirements. The development of a realistic and coherent strategy, harmonized with the European space strategy and policy, will provide to all involved entities a pragmatic strategy document that will lead to the creation of scientific, technological and industrial niches at national and European level in the field of space, and to identification of projects / activities for Romanian entities participation in the ESA programs, and to the exploitation of opportunities created by the accession of Romania in the ESA and the EU integration.

The strategy may be the core of the strengthening and the sustainable development of the Romanian space field on medium and long term, at least in two of its major components: vector of scientific - technological - industrial leading progress and the strategic importance of the area.

Project goal:

The development of a national strategy in the space field, based on extensive studies and in-depth knowledge of the objectives and programs of ESA, the competitiveness and competition situation as well as the current performance level of scientific research, industry, technology and applications in the European space area and also on complex analysis for identification and assessment of Romanian entities with development potential and the ability to adapt to the ESA programs requirements for participate in R&D, technological and industrial activities.

Estimated results:

  • Increasing the adaptation of the entities from research, industry, operators and the Romanian scientific community to the ESA requirements;
  • Extending the participation in projects / activities from the mandatory and optional ESA programs;
  • Identifying / creating niches for Romanian entities participation to scientific, technological and industrial activities in the national and European space field;
  • Creating new entities in R&D, industry and applications in the area of space technologies;
  • Providing leading-trained specialists in the space field by initiating and conducting multidisciplinary education and demonstrative activities;
  • Increase the contribution of Romanian space activities and ROSA to fulfillment of the ESA space policies and undertaken commitments;
  • The overall scientific, technical and industrial development, resulting in increased turnover, labor productivity and profitability to the involved entities.